As colleges and universities have learned, for strategic enrollment management to function effectively, it must encompass

all aspects of the student journey.

~The Enrollment Management Association

Viewing applicant or student portfolios is FREE for schools!

School admissions can be overwhelming for both applicants and school administrators—so much to do, so many people to see, and so many applications to review! LifeStream Digital Memory Box® portfolios are an efficient way for Admission Professionals to get to know their applicants more personally before an interview and save time during the busy admissions season.

LifeStream portfolios are an organized way for Admission Professionals to view writing samples, science projects and other academic work, athletic achievements and ability, community service work, talent in art, music or drama, life experience and much more as a supplement to an application.

While grades and test scores say plenty about a student’s cognitive skills, they don’t provide insight into the applicant’s life skills, experience, or give you a clear understanding of how they might fit with your school community. Patent pending LifeStream Digital Memory Box® portfolios allow students to share their experience, skills, interests, and passions in an easy-to-view, organized way that gives you more insight into their application and a more dimensional view of who the applicant is.

LifeStream portfolios don’t eliminate the need for personal interviews, but they can streamline the admission process by giving your staff more dimensional, useful information to determine if an applicant could be a good personal and academic fit for your school community. When you can clearly see what makes an applicant stand out, you can more efficiently and effectively interview and determine the students who will thrive in your school community.

Join the LifeStream Community of Schools

Become part of the LifeStream Community of Schools by accepting LifeStream portfolios from applicants who choose to send them. There is NO COST for your school to accept and view LifeStream portfolios—simply let applicants know to copy/paste their LifeStream portfolio link into their online application, or other electronic method preferred by your school. Click here for sample communications schools can use for applicant families. To find out how to best view and use LifeStream portfolios, or to schedule a short online demonstration of LifeStream Digital Memory Box® and LifeStream portfolios, simply fill out the form below and one of our Educational Consultants will be in touch.

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