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How do LifeStream portfolios help in the admission process? LifeStream enables your school/college to take a more personalized, holistic approach in your admission process. You can gain a more in-depth view of an applicant’s academic capabilities, athletic and/or art talent, projects, community service and much more. Confidently see examples of character and life skills and discuss specific interests and experiences in your interview to truly get a sense of whether an applicant is the right fit for your school/college community.

How are LifeStream portfolios unique? LifeStream portfolios not only show standard academic work such as writing samples and school projects but expand beyond the classroom providing athletic and/or artistic talent, community service efforts, club activities, and more. Plus, LifeStream portfolios are the first to enable direct information on character traits and life skills within each experience from the applicant!

Does it cost anything for High Schools or Colleges to view a LifeStream portfolio? No, there is NO COST for schools or colleges to view LifeStream portfolios. Applicants simply copy/paste their portfolio link into your online application, other online service preferred by the school/college. Anyone with access to that link will be able to view the applicant’s LifeStream portfolio.

Is there software to download or are there additional IT resources needed at our school/college for LifeStream? No, there is no software to download or additional IT resources needed to view LifeStream portfolios.

Do applicant families need to be ‘tech-savvy’ to use LifeStream? No, LifeStream is very easy to use for both the applicant and the school/college. The LifeStream service can be used on desktop/laptop, mobile, and tablet devices.

What file types can be put in LifeStream? Applicants can upload nearly any file type including Microsoft programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc), Adobe documents, images, video and audio files, and even many coding programs!

How can schools/colleges let applicants know we accept LifeStream portfolios? Simply communicate on your website, and within your admission materials, that you accept LifeStream portfolios with your online applications, and direct the applicant where in the application to paste/insert their LifeStream portfolio link.  To provide your applicants with more information about LifeStream portfolios, please direct the applicant to the LifeStream website at www.LifeStreamDigital.com

If your school/college needs any support with LifeStream portfolio communications for your website or materials, please contact us at CustomerService@LifeStreamDigital.com.

What if my applicant families have questions about LifeStream portfolios? LifeStream is here to help! Simply have your applicant family contact us at CustomerService@LifeStreamDigital.com.