In today’s highly competitive college admissions environment, it’s more important than ever for high school seniors to submit strong and unique school applications. Showing your personality is becoming just as important as grades and a rigorous curriculum in the admissions process.

Putting your best foot forward includes having a student portfolio AND taking advantage of an admissions interview. As your first interaction with a top-choice school, it’s critical to make a great first impression. With over 1,800 colleges and universities going SAT/ACT test-optional, many schools are using the interview as an important component of the application. We help students

– Know how to answer real-life questions during an interview
– Articulate their story so they remembered by an interviewer
– Learn techniques and build impactful life skills which can be applied to job and internship interviews as well!

Set yourself apart and gain a competitive edge when applying to college. Find out how a quality student portfolio and interview can carry you to college application success!

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