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Grades and test scores have their place in the admission process, but they don’t provide a true understanding of who that applicant is and what they can bring to your school community.  Character and life skills have become an increasing need for schools to understand.  Is this applicant a leader? Do they have great problem-solving skills or an unprecedented passion to learn that can’t be seen in their transcript? Do they have “grit”? Knowing an applicant has the right personality for the school is as important as their academic fit.

LifeStream portfolios can be an effective way to gain a holistic view of your applicants, while making the ancillary materials and digital media less obscure for you as the Admission Professional to view.  Using our patent pending organizational process, LifeStream portfolios make it quick and easy for you to find the information you need about your applicants. Additionally, the character and life skills of your applicants can be experienced and evaluated effectively through LifeStream portfolios.

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Enable students to easily maintain their best work, awards, achievements and more, from both inside and outside school!  Enabling students consolidate and save their life as a student with their life as a teen, life as an athlete or artist, life as a brother or sister, etc will not only help support your retention efforts but the student’s success as they create a portfolio to supplement their application for college!

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