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Life is busy. Time is critical, and we never seem to have enough of it! We are constantly saying, “I’ll do that later…” or, “…when I have more time…” Getting information and media organized and in one place is one of the easiest things to put off, but one of the most difficult things to put together when the time comes.

Especially in today’s digital age, we have pictures, video files, audio files, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, 3D Designs, and other digital media saved on various hard drives, thumb drives, and on phones, iPads, and more. Special cards, physical projects, awards, certificates, and others are often in a closet or a drawer. Delaying to organize this information only makes it more difficult to combine later, and impossible to find when you need or want it.

Our LifeStream Digital Memory Box® service helps you organize your digital media for you so you can do it NOW rather than later. Special cards, physical projects and more can be digitized using your phone, tablet, and/or scanner and easily uploaded into your digital memory box.  Each person in your household can have their own digital memory box within your LifeStream Account. Each experience/project/etc. is entered as a “Memory” in your digital memory box.  We made it as quick, easy, secure, and affordable as possible.

LifeStream Portfolio – Private Sharing

Privately share some or all of your digital memory box with family, friends, and/or colleagues using the LifeStream portfolio feature.  If you are applying to High School, College, or for a job/internship, you can create a custom LifeStream portfolio in a quick and easy 2-step process to supplement your application and bring it to life!

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