We look forward to having your school/college as part of the LifeStream Community of Schools & Colleges! Membership is FREE.  Our schools and colleges have a more holistic approach to student evaluation, especially in the admission process.  By becoming a part of the community, your school/college agrees to accept LifeStream portfolios in your admission process should an applicant send one to you, and/or will use LifeStream services within your school/college.  Membership benefits include:

  • LifeStream marketing around your school/college’s market area
  • Free 1-hour online staff training on LifeStream portfolios
  • While there is no cost for your school/college to receive/view LifeStream portfolios, LifeStream community members will also receive discounted rates on other LifeStream services including LifeStream Digital Memory Box and LifeStream Consulting Services

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