I think you have a great platform!  It’s easy to navigate and organized very well and logically for both students and for admissions officers.  It’s great to have one place to keep media files organized and be able to easily share those files.  It’s much more flexible and user-friendly than ZeeMee.


Use For Admissions

  • NO cost for your college/university
  • NO additional IT infrastructure, integration, or software to download
  • NO paperwork to sort through – everything is digital

LifeStream portfolios can be an effective way to gain a holistic view of your applicants, while making the ancillary materials and digital media less obscure for you as the Admission Professional to view.  Using our patent pending organizational process, LifeStream portfolios make it quick and easy for you to find the information you need about your applicants.

LifeStream personalizes the application process beyond test scores, transcripts and a resume. LifeStream provides both tactical identifiers and descriptions, as well as character traits and life skills for every student experience to help you and your team assess an applicant’s match with your institution, including critical thinking, creativity and courage.

LifeStream empowers your team to view diverse applicant pools, such as athletes, honors students, theater students and others, simplifying assessment across your ecosystem. What you view is up to you: LifeStream’s unique, patent pending, format gives the admissions team the opportunity to view what is most relevant to them and discover the best fit for your school community.

LifeStream supports admissions teams by making it easy to formulate an informed decision based on a more robust, authentic, holistic assessment of each applicant, providing your institution the opportunity to attract, assess and accept more qualified candidates.

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