College Application & Evaluation Process Has Changed Post-COVID!

The pandemic not only changed how many people work and live but also impacted the college application and evaluation process. While the parts of the application look the same, HOW you present yourself in the application matters not only for acceptance but scholarships too! Grades and test scores are now only the starting point for application consideration. To get accepted and receive scholarships, your application needs more!

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Sessions include:

March 1: What Do Admission Professionals Want To See? We are kicking off our series by talking about what admission professionals are looking for in an application. Did you know that 100% of admission professionals in very selective to most selective colleges/universities are looking for character in the application? What does that mean? Anne Sullivan and Cam Axelrood will discuss that and many other attributes admission professionals are looking for in today’s post-COVID application! (Presenters: Anne Sullivan and Cam Axelrood,

March 8: Making Your Common App STAND OUT!  In this session, we’ll help you navigate the Common Application and discuss the type of information admission professionals want to see in each section.  Join us and make sure you are filling out the Common Application correctly, and learn how to make your Common Application STAND OUT among other applicants! (Presenter: Anne Sullivan,

March 15: How To Prepare Your High Schooler For College There are so many things you and your student need to think about when considering colleges. In this session, Neal Schwartz will go through a checklist of information you need to make sure your student is ready including course rigor, test prep, extracurriculars, summer activities, college visits, college selection, and college application needs. (Presenter: Neal Schwartz,

March 22: How To Master The SAT! Calling all first-timers AND experienced SAT test-takers! Join us as Danielle Janco guides you through numerous strategic and efficient tips for both Verbal & Math material tested, as well as how to feel confident come test day and relieve test-taking anxiety so you can set yourself up to not only do your best but also have success! (Presenter: Danielle Janco,

March 29: Major Issues Facing Parents and Students When Considering College College is generally hyped up to be the greatest experience ever for most young adults. However, the statistics tell us that unfortunately many are unsuccessful. Whether it be academically, socially, financially, or emotionally, the world of higher education is quite challenging and it is very expensive. In this session, Phil Vetrano will expand on what the major issues are, and how to help families avoid some of the common pitfalls and to be better prepared for the decisions that lie ahead. (Presenter: Phil Vetrano,

About Our College Application Planning Series Presenters (In presentation date order)

Anne Sullivan is the Founder & CEO of LifeStream Digital Innovations, LLC, working to provide online solutions that are user-friendly and enable a holistic approach to student evaluation, and social-emotional strength. For more than 10 years, Anne has been an Educational Consultant, helping students navigate the application process, and is known for helping students get acceptances and scholarships to their top-choice schools. The LifeStream platform helps students tell their story throughout the application process and easily and effectively showcase who they are and what they can do to stand out among other applicants.
Cam Axelrood is the Founder of Interview Excellence. She has a Master of Science in Communication from Northwestern University. As an expert interview coach, she preps high school seniors for important interviews, including college admissions and scholarship interviews. Working one-on-one, Cam helps students create and articulate their own unique story, speak confidently about strengths, challenges, and accomplishments, prepare interview talking points, craft answers to real-life interview questions, build important interpersonal speaking skills, and make that all-important great first impression!
Neal Schwartz is the Founder & CEO of College Planning of Westchester.  Neal has an excellent track record of students gaining acceptance into their top-choice colleges. He personally gets involved with college applications, particularly helping students brainstorm to uncover their unique stories. The goal is to reduce stress and help students make the best long-term choices. His management, parental, and coaching skills bring an understanding and comforting approach to parents as they look to do the best for their children. He received his Certified Educational Planner designation from AICEP and his College Counseling Certification, with distinction, from UCLA Extension. College Planning of Westchester provides a holistic approach to the academic, college prep, and search process.
Danielle Janco is the CEO and Head Tutor of ‘1-2-3 Easy as… A-B-C! Tutoring’ that specializes in servicing grades 6-12 as well as college students in both Mathematics and SAT-Prep. Having attended Rutgers University as a student of their 5-Year Masters Plan in Mathematics and Education, Danielle’s passion and excellence in her craft has impacted the lives of numerous students and their families in, on average, students increasing their next Quiz or Test score by 20 points after only one session, as well as students increasing their SAT score by 150-200+ points after working with her through her self-made 8-week SAT-Prep Program. She has also helped save hundreds of thousands of dollars for families sending their children off to college due to her aid in helping students receive prestigious scholarships amounting to a total of over $140,000+!
Phil Vetrano, MBA, is an Independent College Advisor. He helps families and students prepare to optimize their investment in College and gives them a competitive edge in career planning. Coach Phil uses strategic and data-driven methods to identify the best college fit for each prospective student, where they can thrive academically and socially within the family budget.