If you run a business and you’re looking to hire the best people for your team or you head up the admissions department of a college campus, it can be very difficult to sort through the amount of material that you are sent by applicants. With the veritable smorgasbord of online portfolio options out there, you might not know which direction to go in when you make a suggestion as to which one your applicants should use.

Luckily, Lifestream Digital Innovations has a new online portfolio system that is powerful, intuitive, and easy to view. It is called the Digital Memory Box and it allows your applicants to put together portfolios full of all of their most crucial, appropriate information, work, and awards in a pleasing way that can help give you some insight as to how their minds work. This is an incredibly valuable way to view a person’s portfolio because not only does it keep everything in one system so you don’t have to juggle viewing a bunch of different websites, email and online application attachments, or stacks of physical portfolios, it also allows applicants to show you many different kinds of materials. With the Digital Memory Box from Lifestream Digital Innovations, applicants can add in audio and video clips along with the more traditional art and documents that most online portfolios offer.

One of the other huge advantages that Lifestream Digital Innovations offers over other online portfolio sites is that our system is free to access for schools and businesses. This means that you don’t have to worry about incurring additional expenses in the already costly and time-consuming processes of going through school and job applications. Our free system removes the additional stress of money from the equation so that you can concentrate on finding the right people for a position or making sure that your school is filled with only the best and brightest.

Our online portfolios also offer you another way to help determine if a candidate is right for you by asking for very specific items inside of a digital portfolio and seeing how well the applicants follow directions. This can be especially important if you have incredibly specific criteria for a job applicant or are in the admissions department at a highly-competitive school because, after all, you don’t want to make the wrong decisions and set someone, or yourself, up for failure.

Don’t just take our word for it. If you are a school or a business you can find out how to view Lifestream Digital Innovations’ online Digital Memory Box portfolios for free so that you get the best of the best into your organizations. You don’t have to deal with piles of portfolios that take up all of your free space and clog up your email inbox now that Lifestream Digital Innovations is here. Check out the rest our our site for more information about how we are offering the best ways for you to pick the right candidates for your jobs and schools. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.