You’ve probably heard that two of the most important parts of getting into the college you want or landing your dream job is having a good resume or application and having a good interview. While these factors are obviously important, if you’re applying for a job or a competitive school, you need more than the old standards. That’s where Lifestream Digital Innovation’s Digital Memory Box comes in. With our powerful online portfolio, you’ll be able to curate your work in an easy-to-use and easy-to-access platform that allows you to show off your strengths in a way that is much more palpable than a resume.

If you want to see how the Digital Memory Box works, you can sign up for a free trial now. With an almost unbelievable amount of flexibility in terms of what you can upload to our online portfolio system, we think that you’ll find it to be an indispensable tool in your arsenal. One of the best parts about our system is that businesses and schools can sign up to view portfolios for free, so you don’t have to worry about not having access during an interview because your interviewer doesn’t want to have to pay in order to see your portfolio. Read on to find out more information about why our online portfolio builder should be a vital part of the way that you present yourself to prospective schools and employers.

Resumes Don’t Actually Show Results

While a resume is a great tool for listing off your skills, awards, and qualifications, they don’t actually prove anything. Thanks to the internet, it is harder to fake a resume these days but that doesn’t mean that schools and businesses aren’t wary of people misrepresenting themselves.

To set yourself apart from the pack of people who think that a resume is enough, you’ll need more to prove that not only can you say you’re capable of something, you’re actually able to generate relevant results. Having an online portfolio is especially helpful when you’re trying to get into art school or you’re looking for a job with a company that works in an audio-visual field. Remove doubt from the equation with our online portfolios!

Many Capable People Don’t Interview Well

If you’re the kind of person who gets easily tongue-tied, sweats profusely at the worst times, or has a hard time talking themselves up, interviews can be a nightmare. While a public speaking class is a good way to get over your fear of interviewing, it’s a great idea to have a portfolio of work that does the talking for you. By showing off your accomplishments, you’re demonstrating that you know what is important to the person interviewing you: your skills and your desire to improve the school you want to attend or business you want to work for by adding your skills to the organization.

You’ll probably be surprised at how much easier an interview becomes when you start showing off your work and answering questions about it. It’s easier to discuss your own accomplishments when everyone else can see them because you won’t feel like you’re bragging — the proof is right there. A digital portfolio puts the interviewer in a position where they can understand your passions and your talents.

If you’re ready to increase your chances of getting the job or spot in a school that you want, sign up for a Digital Memory Box with Lifestream Digital Innovations. Our portfolios make it easy to store all of the relevant work that proves to everyone just how talented you are. Sign up for a free trial now in order to wow the next interview you have lined up!