At Lifestream Digital Innovations, we understand just how hard it can be to get your college applications together. While many schools have similar requirements, almost every university has their own special requirements that will make each application unique. Trying to keep track of these differences feels like yet another job you need to do in order to be admitted to the school you want to attend. Luckily, there is an easy way to keep track of your important work and all of the elements you want to include in your college applications: a digital portfolio!

In this blog, we will discuss several ways to use a digital portfolio to organize your work and accomplishments in order for it to be compiled later for a variety of college applications. If you are searching for an online portfolio that is easy to use, free for admissions departments to view, and packed with all of the features you need to make the biggest and best statement possible, choose the Lifestream Digital Memory Box from Lifestream Digital Innovations! We will talk more about the specifics of why the Digital Memory Box is so great in the sections below, but feel free to sign up for a free trial now!

Organize Your Work

We know that collating all of your most impressive and important work can be difficult but, with the Lifestream Digital Memory Box, you only need to do it once. After you have collected and uploaded all of this work, you can begin to organize it. With our digital portfolio, it is easy to create and add items to folders.

There are several ways to organize your work that may be helpful, including:

  • Organizing your work by subject. Depending on what you plan on majoring in, separating work by subject may be a good idea as it will help you easily track and retrieve specific items for different applications.
  • Organizing work based on the schools you are applying to. If you know that some of the universities you are applying to have different requirements or need an in-depth presentation on something, it is a good idea to keep those piece of your work together.

Curate Your Work

While curation may simply seem like more organization, there are important differences that you should think about. Try to imagine curation as creating something new out of existing parts. When you curate your work, you are taking the audience (in this case, the admissions departments of the universities you are applying at) on a journey that shows your growth and development as a student and as a human being. Even if there is no real narrative, the curation process is how you put your best foot forward.

Check out our blog page for more hints about the best ways to utilize your digital portfolio and then sign up for a free trial! We know that once you use our Digital Memory Box, you will love it! If you have any questions, please reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team.