If you’re an artist, graphic designer, video artist, or writer and you’ve been looking for a great way to show off your work to potential employers, clients, or schools you’re applying to, you’ve probably noticed just how hard it is to find a way to compile your best work in a way that is easy to share. Maybe you’ve tried created physical copies in a nice binder or maybe you’ve put together a PDF that showcases what you can do. Chances are that neither of those options felt sustainable or like a good representation of your work because they are static and don’t allow you to update and change things as easily as you’d like. Luckily, there is an answer. Lifestream Digital Innovations™ is proud to present our flagship service, the Lifestream Digital Memory Box. The Lifestream Digital Memory Box™ allows you to place all of your best work into a digital format that can be accessed anywhere. Read on to find out how Lifestream Digital Innovations products can help you land the gig or get into the school you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re ready to try it out, sign up for a free trial right now!

Create Your Digital Memory Box

To start building your Digital Memory Box, begin by uploading all of the videos, pictures, documents, audio files, spreadsheets, and anything else that you can see yourself using to show off your skills. Once all of these items are in the Box, you can start putting together unique online portfolios that highlight your strengths in any given area. Maybe an employer is looking for a lot of specific work related to graphic design or a university is looking to see how you’ve grown throughout your high school career.

With the Lifestream Digital Memory Box, you can build out a portfolio that is catered to each job or university so that they know you’ve taken the time to follow their instructions and give them what they want. This will show them that you care enough about the position or enrollment to do things right. This always sticks out to admissions officials and managers because they see work from a lot of people who obviously haven’t bothered to provide what was requested.

Building an Online Portfolio is Easy

The ease of using our system is unparalleled. You can add and change things in any portfolio at any time without worrying about the piece getting lost — if you remove it from a portfolio it is still hanging out in your box ready to be added to another portfolio.

You can get very granular with our service so that everything is perfectly arranged inside of the system so you can be certain about how it will look when it is viewed by admissions or an employer.

If you’re ready to take control of the way that your work and accomplishments are viewed by people who can help you reach your future goals, sign up for a free trial of Lifestream Digital Innovations’ Digital Memory Box where you can build online portfolios full of your best work!