Whether you are in the process of applying to a university for enrollment this fall or you are about to begin your junior or senior year of high school, trying to find a way to get everything you need to fill out an application might seem like a full time job. While we may not be able to make the process completely stress-free, we can offer some advice that may help your application stand out from the thousands of other applications that the admissions office has to deal with.

The first step is to sign up for a digital portfolio online from Lifestream Digital Innovations. The Lifestream Digital Memory Box® allows you to keep all of your best work in one place. One of the most innovative features of our platform is the ability to tie life skills and character traits to your accomplishments. Keep reading for some tips that will help your application claw its way to the top of the heap. If you’re ready to start building your digital portfolio, sign up for a free trial now!

The Minimum is Never Enough

While every university has their minimum requirements for admission, those are rarely all that the admissions office looks for when they are deciding which students they should accept. As undergrad programs continue to grow more exclusive, universities want to see that applicants are going above and beyond. In addition to extra-curricular activities, many schools now want to see how you are applying your knowledge and skills to everything from your school work to community service and even your job.

While you don’t have to become a superhuman student who has zero time to have fun, think about your application as a resume for the most important job you’ve ever had. Do you want it to be boring or do you want them to call you for an interview?

Show the Admissions Office, Don’t Tell Them

If you are a hard worker, show the admissions staff what your definition of hard work is. Include commendations, awards, and other kinds of proof that you always push yourself to do better work, even when it isn’t expected or required. Pictures and real evidence of what you are capable of will always carry more weight that simply saying that you can or have done something. With a digital portfolio from Lifestream, attaching this proof is extremely easy, and it helps to prove that you can apply what you have learned to other parts of your life.

If you are ready to start building your own digital portfolio to help you get into college, sign up for a free trial of the Lifestream Digital Memory Box today! Admissions offices can view your online portfolio for free, and it will help you stand apart from the other students who just filled out the application and hoped that that would be good enough.

Don’t put off your application any longer — the more time you have to prepare, the more impressive the digital portfolio you can create to prove that you will be a great addition to the schools you are applying to!