Applying to college is definitely a process. From gathering what you need to writing your essay(s), the application process takes a lot time and effort, and then a lot of waiting. If you have been worried about the number of other students applying for limited slots, we get it. It has never been more competitive, especially at Ivy League schools. If you need another way to stand out from the crowd, you might want to think about a digital portfolio as a supplement to your application.

One fast and easy-to-use digital portfolio is the Lifestream Digital Memory Box. With the Digital Memory Box, you can add and arrange curated digital portfolios that highlight your strengths and accomplishments in a highly focused format that will show admissions staff that you are a strong applicant. Best of all, schools will be able to view your portfolios for free! Sign up for an account now and start building your portfolio during a free trial period. Read on to learn about how an online portfolio can help your chances at getting into the school you’ve always dreamed of attending.

Pictures (and Videos) are Worth Thousands of Words

At many universities, once you have met their minimum admission requirements, the admissions department will then look at what sets you apart from and ahead of other applicants. They are looking for students who are passionate about their studies as well as deeply connected to their communities. If you do work with a charity that benefits people in your town or helps others across the planet, showing your work in visual form is a great way to show how unique you are. If you work at a food drive every month, include pictures and digital newspaper clippings. Do you help with Habitat for Humanity as often as you can? Add video of you and your crew framing a home.

Connect Your Other Application Materials to the Visuals

While community service and good grades are absolutely important, discussing how each side of your life influences the other is a great idea. College admission essays tend to ask about experiences that have been transformative or difficult. If your community service work has impacted you in a deep way, even going so far as to influence your field of study, talk about how that work has made a difference in the way that you think and see the world, and then show your service in the form of videos or pictures. You’ll be surprised at how powerful this combination can be!

Sign up for your free trial of our digital portfolio system today and get a jumpstart on your college applications. It’s never too early to start! Begin building your application now and show your online portfolio to people you know and trust for honest feedback. Your application to college is a big step that you don’t want to throw together at the last minute. Check out the Lifestream Digital Innovation site now and learn more about the Digital Memory Box!