LifeStream is your digital scrapbook with benefits for high school applications!

LifeStream Digital Memory Box® helps you maintain your child’s projects, best work, awards, achievements, and more in nearly any digital media format including pictures, video or audio files, presentations, documents, spreadsheets, and others.  As schools are working harder to have a more holistic approach to the admission process, you can help them get to know more about your child through a custom LifeStream portfolio that’s quick and easy for you to create! A LifeStream portfolio can help your child stand out among other applicants to high school.

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**NOTE: For children under the age of 13, due to child privacy laws, their LifeStream Digital Memory Box® must be managed by a parent or guardian as the Account Administrator. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

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LifeStream Digital Memory Box is the missing link in the education profession. It has been so much more than just digital storage for my students. It has helped my students with self-reflection and prompted meaningful conversations between students and their parents and teachers too. I have been impressed by how quick and easy the service is to use. My students and parents love it! 
~ Dr. Deborah Hardy
School Counselor & College Consultant

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