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Supplement your child’s High School Application with a LifeStream portfolio!

What do I save?

Growing up, your child has many LifeStream moments and experiences that you want to save.  Is your child involved in youth organizations such as Cub Scouts or Girl Scouts? Do you have pictures or videos of your child learning something new?  Is she/he a great writer, athlete, artist, performer and/or dancer?  As parents/guardians we often put “special” things like achievements, awards, and projects in closets, on shelves, thumb drives, computer, and/or iCloud.  However, can you easily consolidate these great memories to help tell a story about your child and their success?  If you are like most parents/guardians, your answer is, “no”.

How can LifeStream help?

LifeStream is here to help.  LifeStream Digital Memory Box® helps you maintain your child’s projects, best work, awards, achievements and more in various digital formats including pictures, video or audio files, presentations, documents, spreadsheets, and other.  Files are saved in a secure, organized manner so that you can find them and view them whenever you want. Plus, you can privately share specific memories with anyone you choose through a LifeStream portfolio.

A LifeStream portfolio can help your child stand out among other applicants to High School.  As schools are working harder to have a more holistic approach to the admission process, you can help them get to know more about your child through a LifeStream portfolio. And, creating a LifeStream portfolio is easy: Simply select relevant memories and/or media from your child’s LifeStream Digital Memory Box and LifeStream will generate the digital portfolio for you!  There’s no limit to the number of custom LifeStream portfolios you can create – We understand you may have to show different “views” of your child depending on where you are applying and/or who you are sending their portfolio.  Sign-up for a free online demonstration

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Need more help?

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**NOTE: For children under the age of 13, due to privacy reasons, their LifeStream Digital Memory Box® must be managed by a parent or guardian as the Account Administrator. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

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