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According to The National Center for Fair and Open Testing, more than 1,000 accredited colleges and universities are test optional and will not be requiring the SAT or ACT scores, or portions of the test, for their admission process. For the latest list and more information, click here.

As Colleges are working harder to have a more holistic approach to their admission process, character and life skills have become an increasingly important part of the college admission process. In addition to academic strength, athletic or artistic talent, and/or community service efforts, colleges are working to figure out ways to assess character and life skills such as leadership, critical thinking, creativity, and more all within the admission process.

How can LifeStream help?

The college application process can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Preparation is critical to success, and LifeStream is here to help. LifeStream Digital Memory Box® enables you to save your best academic work, projects, community service, athletic and/or artistic talent, employment and more, and then organizes the information for you so you can easily:

  • Fill out the activities section of your college application
  • Have a baseline for your personal statement/essay
  • Build a student resume
  • Prepare for an interview

Plus, you can create a custom LifeStream portfolio to supplement your application in 2 easy steps!  LifeStream Digital Memory Box helps applicants TELL THEIR STORY, because CONNECTING with the college/university is key in today’s application process. There’s no limit to the number of custom LifeStream portfolios you can create. We understand you may have to show different “views” of yourself depending on where you are applying and/or who you are sending your portfolio.

After your free trial, LifeStream Digital Memory Box Accounts start at only $19.95/year for the family! Click here to see all LifeStream Account types.

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Continue to save information in your memory box so you are prepared to supplement your application for a job/internship, or further your academic career.

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LifeStream Digital Memory Box is the missing link in the education profession. It has been so much more than just digital storage for my students. It has helped my students with self-reflection and prompted meaningful conversations between students and their parents and teachers too. I have been impressed by how quick and easy the service is to use. My students and parents love it! 
~ Dr. Deborah Hardy
School Counselor & College Consultant

“I think you have a great platform! It’s easy to navigate and organized very well and logically for both students and for admissions officers. It’s great to have one place to keep media files organized and be able to easily share those files. It’s much more flexible and user-friendly than ZeeMee.”

~ Educational Consultant, Westchester County, NY

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