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Companies are increasingly recognizing the significance of their internal community alongside their external offerings. Embracing a more comprehensive approach to hiring, they now place greater emphasis on evaluating life skills and character traits during the application process, in addition to candidates’ work experience and job talents.

To help individuals securely preserve and present their professional journey and personal growth, we developed LifeStream Digital Memory Box®. This innovative platform allows you to store your work experiences, achievements, awards, community service endeavors, and life experiences in a secure and organized manner over time. When you are ready to apply for a job/internship, you can easily showcase deeper insight into who you are and what you can offer through a personalized LifeStream portfolio. The portfolio features not only relevant work experiences, awards, and community service contributions but also highlights your invaluable life skills and character traits. This distinctive aspect sets LifeStream apart and enables you to stand out as a well-rounded and capable candidate!

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“Few products can be used for so much impact with so little investment of time or money. Certainly, in the world of applications to schools, colleges, and even those for employment, the key is to clearly communicate who the candidate is, and what separates the candidate from the competition.

I have coached well over a thousand applicants to tell the stories of their success in interviews.  The first time I saw the effectiveness of this innovative [LifeStream Digital Memory Box] tool, I immediately realized how this format leverages the work we do to help candidates deliver the information that matters.

For no more than the cost of taxi ride, and with no more time necessary than inventorying one’s strong points, you can be sure to communicate why the college, school or employer should pick you over the competition.”

~ Mark Efinger, Professional Interview Coach

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