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LifeStream Digital Innovations®, LLC is the premier provider of dimensional intelligence solutions that support personal branding and storytelling through technology. Our products and services work to help bring information to life and make it actionable.

Our premier solution, LifeStream Digital Memory Box®, is transforming the way admissions officers and hiring managers view their applications and resumes because behind every application and resume is a unique person.  With more than two decades of experience working in education, business, and technology, we have seen first-hand how hard it can be to compile and demonstrate our experience, accomplishments, and show our character and life skills.  With LifeStream Digital Memory Box®, people are able to effectively capture their most important moments, and easily demonstrate their unique experience and accomplishments to showcase who they are and what they can do using the LifeStream portfolio feature.

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CLICK HERE for a video testimonial from Henry DelAngelo, one of Princeton Review’s Top 20 Counselors Making A Difference!

LifeStream Digital Memory Box is the missing link in the education profession. It has been so much more than just digital storage for my students. It has helped my students with self-reflection and prompted meaningful conversations between students and their parents and teachers too. I have been impressed by how quick and easy the service is to use. My students and parents love it! 
~ Dr. Deborah Hardy
School Counselor & College Consultant

About Our Founder

Anne has more than 25 years in the field of technology and education. She has a degree in Psychology as well as Certifications in Computer Science and Teaching. In her previous role as Vice President of Member Services at ERB, Anne spoke at various conferences around the world. Her topics focused on how to use assessment results to inform instruction and/or admission decisions, and always encouraged schools to take a holistic approach when evaluating students. Anne has extensive knowledge of the educational assessment and evaluation process, data infrastructure, and data analysis, as well as experience in Sales, Marketing, and Product Development. Anne is now the Founder and CEO of LifeStream Digital Innovations, LLC, working to provide online solutions that are user friendly and enable a holistic approach to individual evaluation and social-emotional strength.

About LifeStream Digital Memory Box® and LifeStream Portfolios

Life is busy.  Time is critical, and we never seem to have enough of it! We are constantly saying, “I’ll do that later…” or, “…when I have more time…”  Getting memories organized and in one place is one of the easiest things to put off, but one of the most difficult things to put together when the time comes.

Especially in today’s digital age, we have pictures, video files, audio files, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and other media saved on various hard drives, thumb drives, and on phones, iPads, and more.  Delaying to organize this information only makes it more difficult to combine later, and impossible to find when you need or want it.

LifeStream Digital Innovations® is here to help. Our LifeStream Digital Memory Box® service helps organize your digital media for you so you can do it NOW rather than later. Each person in your household can have their own digital memory box within your LifeStream account.  We made it as quick, easy, secure, and affordable as possible. 

If you are applying to High School, College, or for a job/internship, you can use your LifeStream Digital Memory Box to create a custom LifeStream portfolio in a quick and easy 2-step process!  Admission Officers and Hiring Managers love the standardized format when they receive a LifeStream portfolio.  

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