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Our pioneer service, LifeStream Digital Memory Box™, uses our patent pending process to enable users to easily and securely store and sort their favorite memories, best works, highest awards, and prized achievements digitally. Upload almost any file you want including images, video and audio files, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more. With unlimited access to all your stored information, your LifeStream Digital Memory Box allows you to enhance any admissions and employment application, or privately share memories with family and friends, by easily creating and sharing your customized LifeStream portfolio.

What Can Lifestream Digital Memory Box Do For You?

Store & Organize Digital Information.

Never Lose Important Memories Again!

Share Your Work For School Or A Job.

Access Your Memories At Any Time.


LifeStream Digital Memory Box™ Helps:

by enabling them to store and sort their achievements and share them through a secure, organized portfolio that is easy to use for both the user and recipient.

by enabling them to view a more holistic picture of student applicants to better assess their fit within the community or program.

by enabling them to see beyond a standard resume for a more comprehensive view of an individual applicant’s accomplishments and growth, both professional and personal.


and organize your favorite memories, best works, and proudest achievements.... You can access them whenever and from wherever you want!


your custom portfolio to easily display selected accomplishments stored in your LifeStream Digital Memory Box.


a more complete picture of your talent and experience with Admission Officers or potential Employers… or simply share with family members, friends, or colleagues.

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LifeStream Digital InnovationsTM, LLC is a leading provider of dimensional intelligence solutions that bring your experiences and accomplishments to life! With more than two decades of experience working in education and technology, we have seen first-hand how hard it can be to compile and present our greatest accomplishments. Whether it’s your child’s first grade art display, your past athletic events, college photography show, published papers, or other experience, storing and sharing the signs of success is anything but easy—especially when it comes to translating these to a resumé or application. That’s why, at LifeStream Digital InnovationsTM, LLC, we created a suite of services to help people capture their most important moments, and enable them build and protect their personal brand by easily showcasing the unique accomplishments that make them who they are.